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Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Navigating the aftermath of an accident can be as disorienting as the event itself, but the skilled attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen in Miami stand as pillars of advocacy for those wounded by negligence.

Whether you’ve been sideswiped in a car accident, wronged by medical malpractice, or injured in a slip and fall, this lauded law firm brings a combination of compassion and courtroom prowess to the table.

Offering sage counsel to those grappling with the repercussions of personal injury, the team at Goldberg & Rosen works tirelessly to ensure justice is not just a concept, but a reality for their clients.

Keep reading to unlock a wealth of knowledge about personal injury claims and the vital support this distinguished law firm provides.

Key Takeaways

  • Goldberg & Rosen Are Skilled Miami Attorneys Who Specialize in a Wide Range of Personal Injury Cases, Including Wrongful Death and Vehicle Accidents
  • The Law Firm Practices a Compassionate, Client-Focused Approach, Ensuring Victims Receive Compensation for Both Economic and Non-Economic Damages
  • Attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen Work on a Contingent Fee Basis, Aligning Their Success With the Financial Recovery of Their Clients
  • The Firm’s Attorneys Possess Deep Expertise in Negotiation and Trial Advocacy, Enabling Them to Secure Favorable Settlements and Verdicts
  • Goldberg & Rosen Offer Comprehensive Case Evaluations and Advocate for Timely Legal Action Respecting Statutes of Limitations

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When tragedy strikes, the path to justice can be fraught with complexities, a fact well understood by the team at Goldberg & Rosen. As a beacon of hope for those engulfed in the aftermath of catastrophic events, this Miami-based law firm provides a guiding light to many, masterfully navigating the intricacies of personal injury law. Their Steadfast Dedication to Clients resonates throughout South Florida, where the aftermath of an auto accident or a truck collision can leave victims and their families grappling with unforeseen challenges.

Goldberg & Rosen pride themselves on possessing a deep understanding of the numerous facets of personal injury cases. Mastery over premises liability, vehicular mishaps, and the harrowing ordeal of medical malpractice claims define their portfolio, empowering them as defenders of those harmed by negligence. With each wrongful death case or slip and fall lawsuit, the firm’s seasoned attorneys channel their expertise with unrelenting vigor, underscoring their commitment to obtaining rightful compensation for pain and suffering.

The firm’s compassionate approach extends beyond the courtroom, touching the lives of individuals reeling from the shock of a traumatic brain injury, or those wrestling with the long-term repercussions of a catastrophic event on a cruise ship. It is in these moments that the attorneys showcase their finesse in trial advocacy and their unwavering resolve in championing the rights of the injured, ensuring a relentless pursuit of compensation that mirrors the depth of the client’s distress.

Engagement with Goldberg & Rosen begins with an evaluation, a process marked by thoroughness and a drive to acquaint themselves with every nuance of a client’s personal injury claim. The law office’s success within the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida bears witness to their attentive methods and shrewd negotiation skills, offering victims a fighting chance to recover what was unjustly taken from them — peace of mind, income, and above all, a sense of justice restored.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

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In the bustling streets of Miami, personal injury lawsuits emerge as an unfortunate necessity for many, stemmed from the chaotic mingling of vehicles, the occasional neglect of property owners, and unforeseen mishaps. The law offices of Goldberg & Rosen stand as a bulwark against this tide, ensuring that each car accident or truck collision is met with swift legal recourse and a tenacious demand for accountability. Their adept handling of accident cases speaks to a proficiency honed by years of experience in the field.

The formulation of a personal injury claim is a delicate art, one that Goldberg & Rosen perform with an acute awareness of the intricacies involved. Whether dealing with the aftermath of a slip and fall accident or the complexities of a cruise ship injury, their attorneys meticulously assemble a case foundation that can withstand the scrutinizing pressures of a trial. Their unwavering focus on every significant detail sets the stage for compelling argumentation in the courtroom.

Under the adept guidance of Goldberg & Rosen, injury victims find solace not only in skilled representation but also in the firm’s commitment to a contingent fee structure. This approach aligns the interests of lawyer and client, forging a partnership where financial recompense is pursued with vigor, and the pursuit of compensation for damages becomes a shared goal. It denotes a level of confidence in their ability to win, a reassurance to those who have already suffered enough.

The impact of Goldberg & Rosen’s advocacy radiates through their prowess in obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements for their clients. They have turned the tides in wrongful death claims and truck accident cases, restoring balance to the lives of those thrown into disarray. Their triumphs echo a promise to Miami’s residents that when faced with the harrowing ordeal of personal injury, a formidable ally in the pursuit of justice lies within reach at Goldberg & Rosen.

Your Personal Injury Attorney’s Role

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Within the storied halls of Miami’s legal community, a personal injury attorney at Goldberg & Rosen assumes a pivotal role: that of a staunch advocate for the injured and the wronged. Their meticulous attention to the details of each injury case transforms their advocacy into a fortress of support for their clients.

Role of Attorney Key Responsibilities Client Impact
Advocate Representing client’s interests in negotiations and court Ensures the client’s voice is heard and interests are defended
Investigator Gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building a case Creates a robust foundation for pursuing justice and compensation
Negotiator Discussing settlement terms with opposing parties Aims to secure a fair compensation without the need for trial
Legal advisor Providing informed legal counsel and guidance through the process Empowers clients with knowledge to make strategic decisions

The attorney’s role extends into the realm of investigation: a relentless pursuit for the truth that shores up a personal injury claim with irrefutable evidence and witness testimonies. This quest fortifies the case, poising it for success in the battleground of the courtroom.

As skilled negotiators, personal injury lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen engage in dialogue with insurance companies and defendants. Their endeavor is to arrive at a settlement that adequately compensates for the client’s ordeal, thereby circumventing the stress and uncertainty of a jury trial.

Fulfilling the position of trusted legal advisors, these seasoned attorneys equip their clients with the crucial guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of personal injury law. Their counsel is a beacon, guiding the injured through turbulent waters to a hopeful resolution.

Featured Case Results

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Amidst the bustling streets and vibrant communities of Miami, personal injury lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen have carved out a reputation for delivering results that echo their proficiency and determination.

Triumphs in motor vehicle accident cases and wrongful death suits have set a high bar for legal excellence.

Each victory etched on their track record accentuates a profound commitment to seeking justice for those ensnared by tragedy and loss.

The attorneys’ adeptness in handling these delicate matters has restored hope and has facilitated healing for numerous impacted families across South Florida.

Motor Vehicle Accident

In the realm of motor vehicle accidents, the legal acumen Goldberg & Rosen brings to the table is nothing short of transformative. Their meticulous approach to investigation and case preparation allows them to unearth key pieces of evidence that could pivot a seemingly straightforward vehicular incident into a decisive legal victory.

While navigating the tumultuous aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, clients of Goldberg & Rosen find steadfast support in a personal injury law firm that is adept at holding negligent parties accountable. The deft handling of an auto accident claim by these seasoned Miami attorneys often culminates in substantial compensation for the injured, granting them the solace of justice served.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Goldberg & Rosen harness their legal expertise to adeptly manage the nuances of motor vehicle accident claims, their strategy leading to substantial verdicts that reflect the firm’s commitment to advocacy and justice. The culmination of their efforts often presents itself in the form of significant restitution for their clients, addressing the myriad of economic and emotional damages suffered.

The attorneys at this esteemed Miami law firm adeptly navigate the complexities of accident litigation, holding responsible parties to account for their actions. Their pursuit of compensation for victims extends to ensure all forms of losses are recognized, reinforcing their reputation as diligent protectors of their clients’ rights.

Wrongful Death

Goldberg & Rosen’s acumen in wrongful death litigation is a testament to their pursuit of justice for bereaved families in Miami. Their determination to tackle the complexities that often shroud such cases has resulted in securing meaningful solace through rightful compensation for their clients.

The law firm has a noted history of handling wrongful death claims with the sensitivity and legal precision these cases demand. Their efforts in courtrooms throughout South Florida have brought not only financial relief to families but also a sense of closure that comes from holding negligent parties accountable.

Beware of an Early Settlement Offer

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In the complex aftermath of an injury, victims may be tempted by the prospect of an early settlement offer. Representing clients with resilience, the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen caution against this hasty resolution. Their experience teaches that initial offers seldom reflect the full scale of damages sustained by the injured party.

Goldberg & Rosen’s mastery of personal injury law is particularly vital when an insurance company presents an early settlement. They understand this tactic as a ploy to minimize payouts, and thus, they stand firm in their commitment to securing a fair deal that truly accounts for the client’s long-term needs and suffering.

The seasoned lawyers of this Miami law firm excel at dissecting these premature offers, leveraging their legal prowess to negotiate terms that honor the full extent of their client’s trauma and losses. Their expertise steers the injured away from the pitfalls of quick compensation and toward the justice they deserve.

An unwavering dedication to the rights of the injured is a distinguishing feature of Goldberg & Rosen’s approach to personal injury claims. Shunning the lure of immediate yet insufficient settlements, they ardently work to ensure that any agreement is meticulously crafted to support the victim’s recovery and future stability.

Meaningful Compensation

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Securing meaningful compensation for personal injury victims is the cornerstone of advocacy at Goldberg & Rosen. Their dedication to clients manifests in an unyielding pursuit of funds that truly reflect the gravity of an individual’s physical and emotional hardships.

The Miami legal landscape recognizes Goldberg & Rosen’s attorneys for their skillful orchestration of settlements and verdicts that encompass the full spectrum of a victim’s losses. Their strategies aim to recover not just for immediate medical expenses, but for the ongoing impact injuries have on lifestyle and ability to earn.

Goldberg & Rosen take pride in their ability to negotiate compensation that accounts for all layers of suffering, from tangible financial burdens to the intangible pain and distress their clients endure. Their insight into the intricacies of personal injury law solidifies their role as champions for those facing the daunting aftermath of accidents.

Known for their tenacity, the lawyers of this Miami firm fight to reestablish clients’ quality of life through comprehensive compensation packages. They stand steadfast against insurers and defendants who undervalue the profound effects of personal injury on an individual’s well-being.

What Damages Can You Recover?

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Within the intricate labyrinths of personal injury law, victims stand to reclaim various forms of compensation, each reflecting a fragment of the turmoil experienced.

The adept lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen realize that the consequences of an accident extend far beyond the immediate trauma and into the realms of enduring hardship.

Whether it’s medical expenses arising from sustained injuries, the income lost to recovery periods, or the value of property irrevocably lost, they stand ready to assist in recovering just restitution.

Moreover, they expertly seek compensation for the profound pain and suffering, the often-overlooked mental anguish, and the delicate matter of loss of consortium, thereby affirming their commitment to holistic legal redress for their clients.

Medical Expenses

The journey to recovery following an accident is frequently accompanied by a mountain of medical expenses. Personal injury victims are entitled to seek compensation for these costs, which can span from initial emergency care to long-term rehabilitative services.

  • Emergency room visits and stabilization
  • Surgical procedures and hospitalization
  • Medication and medical equipment
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Follow-up doctor appointments
  • Specialist and consultant fees

At Goldberg & Rosen, the priority is to ensure that clients are not burdened by the financial weight of their medical treatment. The firm diligently works to secure settlements that cover the full spectrum of healthcare expenditures incurred due to the accident.

Lost Wages

An overlooked repercussion of accidents that the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen address is the erosion of income due to an inability to work. As legal advocates, they ardently seek compensation for lost wages, ensuring that the financial stability of their clients is not another casualty of the accident. Such advocacy recognizes the disruption to an individual’s earning potential and secures the means for their sustenance during recovery.

The loss of income can extend into the future, affecting not just current wages but potential earnings had the injury not occurred. In their pursuit of justice, Goldberg & Rosen meticulously calculate these anticipated losses, advocating passionately to restore their clients’ financial trajectory. Their proficiency in arguing for such projections safeguards clients from economic turmoil that might otherwise go unaddressed.

Property Loss

In the tumult of a personal injury incident, tangible assets often bear the brunt of the chaos, leaving victims to cope not only with their physical wounds but also with property loss. Goldberg & Rosen appreciate that cars, bicycles, personal effects, and other valuable possessions form an integral part of their clients’ lives and livelihoods.

The lawyers at Goldberg & Rosen advocate vigorously to recoup the costs of property damage, understanding the financial and emotional strain such loss imposes. Their pursuit of compensation ensures no aspect of the client’s distress is ignored, providing a semblance of wholeness in the wake of destruction:

Type of Property Loss Legal Action Client Benefit
Vehicle damage Securing compensation for repair or replacement Restores mobility and independence
Personal belongings Valuation of items and demand for reimbursement Acknowledges the worth of personal effects

Pain and Suffering

At the heart of personal injury litigation lies the complex task of quantifying pain and suffering, which Goldberg & Rosen undertake with a deep sense of empathy and legal acumen. This facet of claims addresses the emotional turmoil and physical distress that accident victims endure, which often defy simple categorization or clear financial parameters.

The pursuit of recompense for pain and suffering by Goldberg & Rosen gives credence to the intangible adversities their clients face. Demonstrating a profound grasp of how such non-economic damages resonate throughout a person’s life, these Miami attorneys champion the full scope of their clients’ hardships before the court, striving to secure recognition and redress for these profound personal impacts.

Mental Anguish

The psychological impact of an injury often casts a long shadow over a victim’s life, manifesting in the form of mental anguish. Goldberg & Rosen understand that this distress, whether it spawns from the trauma of the event itself or the enduring repercussions, deserves just as much attention in legal claims as the physical injuries.

With dedication and sensitivity, the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen advocate for their clients’ emotional wellbeing, asserting that the turmoil of mental anguish warrants compensation. They eloquently articulate the depth of their clients’ suffering to ensure the courts comprehensively appreciate the full extent of the emotional toll taken by such incidents.

Loss of Consortium

In the landscape of personal injury law, loss of consortium refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship due to injuries. Goldberg & Rosen recognize the profound distress this loss imposes on spouses and families, and they assertively seek compensation that acknowledges the impact of these non-physical afflictions.

Attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen address loss of consortium with the sensitivity it demands, underscoring the importance of relational dynamics affected by injury. Their efforts aim to secure restitution that honors the often-overlooked emotional bonds and shared life experiences disrupted by accidental harm.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

a car accident at a busy miami intersection with no visible logos or identifiers.

At the heart of Miami’s bustling activity and picturesque coastlines, a host of unforeseen dangers lie in wait, giving rise to a spectrum of personal injury claims.

These claims, often the result of momentary negligence or oversight, can alter lives in an instant, leaving a trail of physical, financial, and emotional devastation.

Whether one is ensnared in the whirlwind of motor vehicle cases, compromised by defective medical devices, or seeking redress for harm endured through medical malpractice, the pursuit of justice remains paramount.

Workplace accidents and maritime incidents further contribute to the intricate web of personal injuries, alongside roadway mishaps involving cyclists and the tragic repercussions of product liability issues.

Wrongful death, the most grievous outcome of these events, stands as a stark reminder of the fragility of human life.

Even specific incidents, such as propane tank explosions, feature in this legal panorama, demonstrating the vast reach of potential injury.

Car accident cases, ubiquitous in their occurrence, continue to form a significant portion of personal injury litigation.

Each of these scenarios underscores the critical importance of timely and competent legal intervention.

By scheduling a consultation with the seasoned attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen, one can initiate the journey toward recovery and restitution, anchored in the legal prowess that embodies justice and advocacy.

Motor Vehicle Cases

Victims entangled in motor vehicle cases often confront a cascade of legal challenges, particularly in the wake of a serious incident on the busy thoroughfares of Miami. Amid the turmoil of a motor vehicle accident, the diligent attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen stand as unwavering advocates, assiduously deconstructing each case to pinpoint liability and fight for the reparations their clients are due.

It is not merely the collision itself but the ensuing ramifications that the lawyers of this esteemed Miami law firm tackle with precision and determination. Emboldened by in-depth knowledge of Florida personal injury law, they zealously advocate for those wronged in vehicle mishaps, securing the compensation needed to address medical costs, rehabilitation, and the broader spectrum of economic and non-economic damages sustained.

Medical Devices

In the treacherous waters of personal injury claims, medical devices often stand at the epicenter, shouldering the blame for untold sufferings due to their malfunctions or flaws. Patients entrust their lives to the reliability of such devices, and when that trust is broken, the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen are the staunch guardians who step in to ensure justice is sought.

Advocacy in cases involving defective medical devices is a testament to the rigorous battle against medical device corporations that Goldberg & Rosen undertake diligently: identifying the failure, proving the negligence, and relentlessly pursuing compensation for the victims of these woeful incidents:

  • Uncovering defects in design and manufacturing
  • Tracing lapses in safety and quality control processes
  • Challenging inadequate labeling and insufficient instructions for use
  • Holding corporations to account for failing to protect consumer health and wellbeing

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims encompass some of the most heart-wrenching personal injury cases, grounded in the cornerstone of trust we place in healthcare providers. When that trust is shattered by negligence or error, the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen step forward to provide assertive legal representation, steadfastly seeking redress for the harms inflicted.

Their seasoned approach to medical malpractice cases is a meticulous blend of empathy and expertise: identifying breach of duty, causation, and the extent of harm with precision. The journey towards healing and accountability is underscored by their relentless commitment to justice for victims of medical negligence:

  • Evaluating physician errors and omissions for legal merit
  • Probing into systemic issues within health care institutions
  • Seeking just compensation for enduring physical and emotional trauma

Workplace Cases

Miami’s bustling commercial landscape is not immune to the occurrence of workplace accidents, where employees may face a spectrum of injuries, from minor incidents to grave calamities. The practitioners at Goldberg & Rosen are attuned to the intricacies surrounding such workplace cases and fervently advocate for the rights of those injured on the job, navigating the interplay between workers’ compensation and potential third-party claims with precision and care.

In instances where occupational hazards exact a toll on the well-being and financial security of workers, the legal team at Goldberg & Rosen steps in as the crucial intermediary championing for rightful compensation. Their decisive action in workplace cases exemplifies the firm’s resolve to hold negligent parties accountable and secure fair restitution, ensuring that the injured receive the support necessary to forge ahead with their professional and personal lives.

Maritime Cases

Maritime cases within the personal injury field present a unique set of challenges and legal intricacies. Often governed by admiralty law, these cases demand a comprehensive understanding of the regulations and conventions that specifically apply to incidents at sea or in navigable waters.

The attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen are adept at maneuvering through the complexities of maritime claims: from cruise ship injuries to boating accidents, they assertively protect the rights of passengers and crew members who have suffered due to negligence or unsafe conditions.

  • Evaluating incidents under the purview of maritime law
  • Navigating claims involving cruise lines and private vessel owners
  • Asserting the rights of individuals in cases of maritime negligence

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents in Miami reflect a troubling trend where riders’ vulnerability in traffic leads to life-altering consequences. Such incidents often result in severe injuries or fatalities, thrusting victims and their families into legal battles for just compensation.

Under the rigorous representation of Goldberg & Rosen, bicyclists find an assertive defender determined to navigate the complexity of their claims. Their unwavering commitment ensures that every angle of negligence or liability is thoroughly investigated, securing the most favorable outcomes for those impacted by roadway mishaps.

Aspect of Case Action by Goldberg & Rosen Impact on Victim
Investigation of Accident Scene Diligently gather evidence, including witness statements and traffic camera footage Builds a robust case to demonstrate the liability of the party at fault
Medical Expense Recovery Negotiate with insurance companies and pursue full compensation for all medical costs Alleviates the financial burden of recovery, allowing the victim to focus on healing
Advocating for Non-Economic Damages Articulate the pain and suffering endured to secure appropriate reparations Validates the emotional and psychological trauma experienced by the victim

Product Liability

In the sphere of personal injury claims, cases involving product liability hold a unique position, presenting challenges rooted in consumer trust and corporate responsibility. Goldberg & Rosen are acutely aware that each case embodies a narrative of potential oversight and harm, where a product’s failure can lead to serious injury or even death.

The attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen rigorously confront product liability cases with a keen understanding that behind every claim is an individual or family whose life has been disrupted. They stand with their clients, aggressively seeking justice from manufacturers or retailers who distribute defective or unsafe products:

Product Issue Legal Action Client Benefit
Design Defects Challenging the safety of a product’s blueprint and proving inherent hazards Protections from further injury and financial compensation for victims
Manufacturing Flaws Investigating lapses in the manufacturing process that led to the injury Ensures accountability and encourages higher manufacturing standards
Inadequate Warnings Highlighting the failure to inform about proper use and potential dangers Education for consumers and prevention of future incidents of harm

Wrongful Death

Confronting the tragedy of a wrongful death, the attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen approach each case with a profound sense of duty and empathy. They stand as steadfast allies for families navigating the painful realization that their loss was the result of preventable actions or egregious oversight.

The battle for justice in wrongful death suits is championed with vigor by these Miami personal injury lawyers, who lay the groundwork for families to receive the compensation that acknowledges their immeasurable sorrow and loss. Their legal skill enables them to articulate the full extent of the impact, from financial hardship to the emotional void left behind.

Propane Tank Explosions

Propane tank explosions, though rare, represent a severe category of personal injury claims that demand the focused legal expertise of seasoned attorneys like those at Goldberg & Rosen. When such incidents occur, they not only unleash devastating physical injuries but also initiate a complex legal inquiry into the causes and liabilities: was it due to a product defect, improper handling, or failure to comply with safety regulations?

The attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen grasp the catastrophic nature of injuries resulting from propane tank explosions. Their approach to such cases is anchored in a commitment to thoroughly investigate the incident and ensure that all responsible parties are held to account:

Aspect of Claim Duties Performed by Attorneys Result for the Client
Investigation Determine the cause of the explosion and identify any breaches of safety standards Builds a compelling case to support the client’s pursuit of justice and compensation
Product Liability Assess the design and manufacturing process of the propane tank for defects Directly confronts product manufacturers to demand accountability for negligence

Car Accident Cases

In the aftermath of a car accident, the victims face not only physical and emotional recovery but also the daunting task of navigating the legal system. The attorneys at Goldberg & Rosen extend their expertise to individuals caught in the web of complexities that car accidents bring, advocating fervently for their right to compensation.

Armed with a deep understanding of accident personal injury law, these Miami car accident lawyers meticulously work through the layers of each case: identifying fault, assessing damages, and orchestrating a strategic approach aimed at maximum recovery for their clients. And so the narrative for car accident victims shifts, from uncertainty to affirmation, as Goldberg & Rosen champion their cause:

  • Identification and analysis of all involved parties’ insurance coverages
  • Investigation of accident scene to collect crucial evidence
  • Engagement with medical professionals to assess injury severity and long-term impact
  • Calculation of economic and non-economic damages faced by the victim
  • Negotiation with insurance companies to pursue a fair settlement

The focus and precision that these personal injury lawyers bring to each car accident case ensure that justice is not left to chance. Under the representation of Goldberg & Rosen, clients gain an advocate poised to tilt the scales in their favor, ensuring that their journey through this trying time is met with knowledge, experience, and a relentless pursuit of what is due.

Schedule A Consultation

Scheduling a consultation with Goldberg & Rosen is the crucial first step toward securing your rights after sustaining an injury. Their legal team is ready to listen attentively, apply their substantial knowledge, and offer a clear perspective on the potential of your claim.

The importance of a prompt legal consultation cannot be overstressed, especially given the time-sensitive nature of the statute of limitations in personal injury cases. Contacting the law firm promptly ensures that your case receives the prompt attention and comprehensive evaluation it merits:

  • Understanding the statute of limitations and its implications for your case
  • Receiving a full case evaluation to determine the strength of your claim
  • Discussing potential avenues for compensation and the legal strategies that will be employed

Goldberg & Rosen extend an invitation to those affected by personal injury to reach out and arrange a consultation. Their team stands prepared to map out the legal journey ahead, ensuring your story is heard and your quest for justice begins on solid ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do personal injury lawyers charge in Florida?

In Florida, personal injury lawyers typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning their payment is a percentage of the client’s settlement or jury award. This fee arrangement underscores a lawyer’s commitment to securing the best possible outcome for their client, as their earnings are directly tied to the success of the case.

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