Local SEO Software for Agencies

Get your local SEO clients more organic traffic and visibility with our dashboard of local SEO tools.

Get Your Clients to the Top of Local Search for their Target Markets

Local Heatmaps

Know exactly where your clients are showing up in organic search results and in what positions.

Local SEO Reports

Automate SEO reporting to showcase results to clients while speeding up your reporting workflows.

Content Optimization

Optimize content for specific regional markets. Know what terms and topic areas matter to rank in top positions.

AI Content Creation

Get SEO-optimized articles in 1-click. Customize AI outputs to fit the brand, products, and regions of your local SEO clients.

Manage Local Projects

Manage all of your local SEO campaigns in the same dashboard. Perfect for marketing agencies!

Expert Local SEO Strategies And Heatmap Insights

Transform your clients’ local online presence from mediocre to exceptional through our cutting-edge Heatmap technology. Enhance the visibility and presence of local businesses through strategic location-based optimization, increased traffic, and converting online searches into real-world customers for your clients.

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Know Exactly Where Your Local Clients Are Ranking

Use the local SEO heatmap to see where your local clients are ranking in their regional areas. The tool will analyze local rankings within a four mile radius of your clients’ GPS locations, then display an overview of their keyword ranking positions in their geographic area. See where your clients are doing well in local search, or which keywords present the best opportunities for driving more foot-traffic, phone calls, and bookings.

Compare Local Map Pack Rankings Against Competitors

Compare your clients ranking positions against top local competitors. Better understand local SEO factors like distance, prominence, and relevance with the use of our detailed heatmaps. With more nuanced local rankings insights, you can more easily determine what local SEO optimizations will have the biggest impact and deliver the best organic traffic results for your clients.

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Dominate the Local Search Results in your Target Markets

An Innovative Software Suite of Local SEO Tools

Competitor Research

Use the local SEO heatmap and local search results to understand the competitive landscape of regional areas.

Local Keyword Research

See keyword metrics for specific regional areas and identify the best local ranking opportunities for your clients.

Content Optimizer

Optimize content for better local SEO performance. Optimize content to rank in specific regional searches.

Sitewide and Onpage Audits

Audit websites for SEO health and performance. Automate issue tracking so you never miss an issue when it arises.

Local Citations and Listings

Order local citations and business listings directly in the dashboard. Resell local SEO deliverables to your clients for a profit.

Local SEO Report Builder

Automate your local SEO reporting with our report builder. Prove the value of your local SEO services to your clients!

Manage Multiple Local SEO Projects in the Same Dashboard

Easily manage multiple SEO clients in the same dashboard. Do all of your competitor research, content optimization, reporting, and white label SEO orders in the same place. Designed for agencies, your subscription will include multiple user seats and projects so your entire team can leverage the power of our local SEO software tools.

Order Local SEO Citations and Automate Business Listings

Resell our white label local SEO campaigns to your clients at a profit. From our local listing service, local citation building, blog content writing services, and more, we have every SEO product you need to deliver better local SEO results for your clients. Simply use the order builder to add SEO deliverables to your campaign and track your white label orders directly in the dashboard. 

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How to Use Local SEO Tools in Search Atlas

#1. Enter a business name and start a local project

Begin by entering your client’s business name into the text bar. The tool will search for the business and populate with a list of discovered businesses. Select your client’s business and then click “Create Local Project.” If your client’s business is not appearing in the list of results, it is likely because they have not set up their Google Business Profile. Once they have set up their GBP listing, they will be discoverable in the tool.

#2. Set up keyword tracking in the Local SEO Heatmap tool

Add relevant keywords into the Local SEO Heatmap tool and start tracking keyword ranking positions. You will see the center position of the heatmap (the one closest to their business location) as well as their average, best, and worst positions. Track as many keywords as you want and set a preferred frequency for refreshing rankings.

#3. Analyze keyword ranking positions in the heatmap

The local SEO heatmap will display ranking positions for a target keyword in a four mile radius of the business location. Distance is a local SEO ranking factor, so it is likely that your keyword positions will be higher at the center of the map. Look for positions where rankings could improve and find ways to improve signals for other local SEO factors, including prominence and relevance. That might mean creating local content, adding mentions of specific neighborhoods, or acquiring more backlinks and local citations from specific geographic locations.

#4. Optimize content for specific regional areas

Use the SEO Content Assistant to optimize your client’s content for their target regional market. Select the regional icon to specify a location and then access SEO recommendations for ranking in that geographic area. Include the suggested Focus Terms in your content to increase your Content Score and organic ranking potential.

#5. Get keyword metrics and data for specific geo-locations

Tailor your keyword research to your local SEO strategy. Access keyword metrics for specific locations so you can understand whether keywords present good local SEO ranking opportunities. Know how many searches come on desktop or mobile, and see what local competitors pay in your region to rank at the top of the search results. No other keyword tool allows you to complete local SEO keyword research with this much granularity!

#6. Use the AI Content Writer to create local SEO content faster

Write content for your local SEO clients in a fraction of the time with our suite of AI content tools. In the SEO Content Assistant, use the “Write for Me,” feature to customize your SEO content or to generate fully SEO-optimized drafts in 1-click. Creating high-quality content has never been this simple or easy. Plus, download our WP Synchronize plugin to publish content to your client’s WordPress website directly from the Search Atlas dashboard. 

#7. Manage all of your local SEO projects in the same place

No more jumping between tools and platforms to perform all of your agency tasks. Search Atlas makes it simple to manage multiple client projects all in the same place, with every tool you need to research, execute, and track local SEO campaigns. Optimize your agency workflows and start delivering better results for your local SEO clients.

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