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Scale your content marketing and enterprise SEO strategy with every tool you need,
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The Leading SEO Software Suite | SearchAtlas
SearchAtlas Software Suite
Content Strategy + Keyword Research + Backlink Analysis + Site Auditing = One Powerful Dashboard
Why Choose the SearchAtlas Enterprise SEO Platform?

Why Choose the SearchAtlas Enterprise SEO Platform?

The SearchAtlas dashboard combines every SEO tool your content marketing and SEO team needs into a single dashboard. No more jumping between multiple SEO platforms when executing SEO campaigns. Whether you’re a large organization, a digital marketing agency, or a small to medium-sized business, there’s a SearchAtlas subscription level that fits your needs and business goals.

Scale your SEO Strategy with Enterprise SEO Software

Looking for scalability and affordability in your next SEO platform? You've come to the right place.

Targeted Recommendations to Improve Search Visibility
Not sure how to improve organic search traffic? OTTO will give you targeted recommendations so you can start reaching more potential customers in search engines.
10X your Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence
More content = More keyword rankings. The SEO Content Assitant pairs content optimization with artificial intelligence so you can speed up and scale content production.
Full-site Audits and SEO Issues Tracking
Audit your entire website for technical SEO issues. With our audit reports, issues tracking, and automated email alerts, you'll always know what needs fixing.
Comprehensive Competitor Research
Get all of the competitive analysis data you need to outrank your competitors, including keywords, backlinks, and content gap analysis.

Key Features of the Search Atlas Platform

Actionable Insights and Recommendations
Keyword Research Simplified
Competitor Analysis
Content Ideas and Content Planning
Award-Winning Content Optimization Tool
Full-Site Technical Audits
Backlinks & Link Building
Keyword Rank Tracking
SEO Reports + GSC & GA Integrations
White Label Enterprise SEO Platform

Learn exactly what SEO tasks are necessary to improve your website’s organic search performance. With SEO suggestions from OTTO to detailed explanations of technical SEO fixes, you’ll have the SEO data you need and a roadmap for how to improve your website.

  • Follow OTTO’s recommendations to increase your organic traffic
  • Detailed site audit reports for your technical SEO and web development teams
  • Suggested keywords and focus terms for your content strategy
  • SEO potential scores to show you which pages will most benefit from content optimization

GSC insights

SearchAtlas makes keyword research easier with the Keyword Magic Tool. Make keyword lists, see suggested keywords, and get historical SERP performance for important industry keywords. Our dashboard provides the most ideal keyword research workspace.

  • Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and CPC metrics for 3.2 billion+ keywords
  • User intent and search intent metrics to find the right target keyword for your SEO needs
  • Find more relevant keywords with keyword suggestions, common questions, and more
  • Identify keyword gaps with the Keyword Gap Analysis tool

Keyword Research Simplified


Performing competitive research before launching your SEO campaign? SearchAtlas has all the search data you need to understand and reverse engineer your competitor’s SEO strategy. Get actionable insights for how to perform well in your specific industry and outrank the competition.

  • See top keywords, top-performing pages, and site authority for any competitor
  • Detailed backlink profile comparison reports to identify link building opportunities
  • Keyword Gap, Content Gap, and Backlink Gap analysis tools

Site Auditor

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (GPT-3) to speed up content creation and content strategy planning. With more content, you’ll increase your total keyword rankings and increase clicks from organic search. Bring new visitors to your website with SEO tools that make it easier to create high-quality content.

  • Create content marketing calendars in 1 click with the Content Planner
  • Use artificial intelligence to generate blog topics, article titles, first drafts, and more
  • Easily assign and edit articles in the SEO Content Assistant – Perfect for content managers!
  • Publish your finished content to your WordPress website in just 1 click

Keyword Research Simplified

Make sure your content has every on-page element it takes to rank with the SEO Content Assistant. Our award-winning content optimizer makes drafting, optimizing, and editing unique content for SEO seamless. With AI integrations and internal link suggestions, you can generate more content designed to rank in search results.

  • Suggested focus terms, questions, and topics to improve ranking potential
  • Stop Writer’s Block forever with our AI content generator. Generate titles, first drafts, meta tags, and more!
  • Work with other writers or different departments seamlessly in our seamless dashboard
  • Easily review top-ranking content so you can understand what it takes to rank

Competitor Analysis

Become a technical SEO pro overnight with the SearchAtlas site auditor. Audit every web page on your site — up to a million pages — for 150+ technical issues that may be preventing pages from ranking in search results. Plus, get detailed guidance on how to resolve those technical issues and improve your overall SEO health.

  • Domain-level, page-level, and issue-level reports
  • Detailed “How to Fix” guidance so you can take necessary steps to improve your content
  • Customize your issue report to hand off to your web development team
  • Automated email alerts when something breaks or changes on your website
  • Track your SEO health over time and stay ahead of technical SEO priorities

Site Auditor

Need backlink data for your own website or your competitors? The SearchAtlas backlink analyzer has API integrations with robust link databases so you can examine the backlink profiles of any website. For link building, our tools will help you identify target websites for your link building campaigns and formulate an effective off-site strategy.

  • Identify toxic backlinks with spam-level and toxicity scores
  • Analyze the Domain Rating, Domain Authority, and Page Rank of any domain
  • Run Backlink Profile Comparisons with multiple competitors
  • See top linked-to pages, top linking domains, and top anchor texts
  • Discover relevant websites for link building outreach

Backlinks & Link Building

No more picking and choosing keywords for rank tracking. See 100% of the keywords your website ranks for with our GSC Insights tool. Integrated with Google Search Console, you’ll get more helpful data visualization, custom reports, and high-quality dashboard user experience that helps you better understand your content performance and prove SEO campaign ROI to your clients or team members.

  • Add target keywords to your rank tracker list and get daily position updates
  • Have full confidence in the data with Search Console and Google Analytics Integrations
  • Organic Clicks, Organic Impressions, CTR, top keywords, top pages, and more
  • Page Groupings feature to view SEO data by topically relevant content or similar types of pages (e.g. product pages, blog posts, service pages, etc.)
  • Track major site changes, SEO campaigns, or on-page optimizations with the Site Events feature

Keyword Rank Tracking

Level up your reporting to better prove the value of your SEO campaigns to your marketing teams or your agency clients. SearchAtlas allows you to generate custom reports in 1 click. With our GSC and Google Analytics integrations, you’ll get the most comprehensive, accurate, and complete dataset for your SEO reporting.

  • Top keywords, top pages, and Authority reports
  • Custom data visualizations and page groupings features
  • Easy SEO Campaign Tracking

GSC insights

Are you a digital marketing agency looking to provide a more positive experience for your clients? Add white label SEO software to your SEO services offering. Manage your client reporting, leverage the tools, or grant your clients access to the dashboard.

  • Add your brand name to the dashboard url
  • Upload your digital marketing agency logo
  • Impress your clients with an enterprise SEO solution

Site Auditor

Webinars + Community + the SearchAtlas Academy

In addition to your SearchAtlas subscription, you’ll get full access to our library of resources and a friendly community of SEO professionals.

Webinars + Community + the SearchAtlas Academy

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Try Out the Tools and See For Yourself…

Content Audit Tool
Audit your content quality using our onpage audit tool.
Blog Topics Generator
Need content ideas? Get article titles and topics with just a keyword and a click.
Content Planner
Content strategy made simple. Generate content marketing calendars in minutes.
Backlink Analyzer
Identify toxic backlinks or review your competitors’ backlink profiles.

Why the SearchAtlas Software Suite

10,000+ digital marketers and SEO professionals use the SearchAtlas software suite to grow their online presence and improve SEO performance. Schedule a demo with your account manager today!

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