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Why Choose the Search Atlas Enterprise SEO Platform?

The Search Atlas dashboard combines every SEO tool your content marketing and SEO team needs into a single dashboard. No more jumping between multiple SEO platforms when executing SEO campaigns. Whether you’re a large organization, a digital marketing agency, or a small to medium-sized business, there’s a Search Atlas subscription level that fits your needs and business goals.

Enterprise SEO Platform
Enterprise SEO Software

Scale your SEO Strategy with Enterprise SEO Software

Looking for scalability and affordability in your next SEO platform? You’ve come to the right place.

Not sure how to improve organic search traffic? OTTO will give you targeted recommendations so you can start reaching more potential customers in search engines.

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More content = More keyword rankings. The SEO Content Assistant pairs content optimization with artificial intelligence so you can speed up and scale content production.

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Audit your entire website for technical SEO issues. With our audit reports, issues tracking, and automated email alerts, you’ll always know what needs fixing.

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Get all of the competitive analysis data you need to outrank your competitors, including keywords, backlinks, and content gap analysis.

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Try Out the Tools and See For Yourself

Content Audit Tool

Content Audit Tool

Blog Topics Generator

blog topics
content planner

Content Planner

Backlink Analyzer

backlink analyzer

Key Features of the Search Atlas Platform

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Why the Search Atlas Software Suite

10,000+ digital marketers and SEO professionals use the Search Atlas software suite to grow their online presence and improve SEO performance. Schedule a demo with your account manager today!

Download the Search Atlas Chrome Extension

View your SEO performance data directly in your web browser or optimize content in Google docs with Search Atlas.

Search Atlas SEO tools at your fingertips

Experience the first-of-its-kind software mobile application. Get advanced insights and comprehensive SEO data directly on your mobile device.

Webinars + Community + the Search Atlas Academy

In addition to your Search Atlas subscription, you’ll get full access to our library of resources and a friendly community of SEO professionals.

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View your SEO performance data directly in your web browser or optimize content in Google docs with Search Atlas.

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Over 2,000 agencies trust Search Atlas

Lisa Parziale

Founder at AgencyRemix


Search Atlas reviews

“I used to pay for lots of different software for my SEO business and customer reporting. Search Atlas made this much easier and more affordable for me.“

Clayton Joyner

Founder At Modern io Digital


Search Atlas reviews

”Search Atlas Boosted Our Organic Lead Traffic by 110% in just 90 Days! It saves us money, time, and performance.“

Josh Blakeley

Founder & CEO JBL Digital Marketing


Search Atlas reviews

"Search Atlas just blows other tools out of the water. Tools like Ahrefs and Jasper have gone up in price quite a bit and just haven’t kept up. Search Atlas replaces both of them. "

Shannon Donovan

Founder @Small Biz Drs. LLC


Search Atlas reviews

“We were using many different tools to accomplish what we can do in Search Atlas.“

Mike Anderson

Owner @Aim High Digital


Search Atlas reviews

“Search Atlas transformed my agency workflow, allowed rapid creation of hundreds of articles!“

Jake Tlapek

Founder @Wizard Marketing


Search Atlas reviews

“This tool is going to help you make actionable, realizable changes to your SEO and get the traffic you deserve.“

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