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What is a Keyword Research Tool?

A keyword tool for SEO helps digital marketers perform keyword research for SEO purposes. In addition to search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), and Keyword Difficulty, these SEO tools can help users find more keyword ideas, browse keyword suggestions, and find the right keywords that present opportunities to rank in search results.

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Why Should I Check the Search Volume of Keywords?

Search Volume is the number of times users type a specific search term into Google each month. Ranking for keywords with higher search volume can mean more search engine users seeing your content. When choosing a target keyword for your SEO strategy, it’s important to consider the search volume of a search query so you can make sure you’re optimizing for a substantial and qualified audience.

However, keywords with higher search volume can also be more competitive. Looking at the Keyword Difficulty of your keyword ideas helps you understand whether your landing page has a realistic chance of ranking.

The Keyword Research Tool can also help you when planning Google Ads campaigns. Get essential metrics for keyword strategy for ad campaigns. Simply start with a focus keyword and create a keyword list to track and organize your keyword ideas.

How to Use the Keyword Research Tool

To use the keyword tool, follow these steps:

Enter a keyword into the text field
If researching multiple keywords, separate each keyword with a comma
Click “Check Keyword”
Browse keyword data and recommendations in the SearchAtlas dashboard

For additional keyword lookups, start a trial of SearchAtlas.

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Benefits of Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any successful SEO content strategy. A research tool allows users to review essential keyword data and leverage those SEO metrics to run smarter, more successful SEO and PPC campaigns.

Starting with one focus keyword, users can access hundreds of similar keyword phrases to find the perfect match for their campaigns. The keyword research tool provides all of the necessary SEO metrics to understand the potential of search terms and elevate keyword strategy.

Want to Level Up your Keyword Strategy?

Leverage the search volume checker to find the best keywords for your campaigns. Whether you’re an SEO or PPC professional, the SearchAtlas keyword magic tool has all of the data and features necessary to build an effective keyword strategy.

If you’re a fan of tools like Semrush, Keyword Surfer, Ahrefs, or Answerthepublic, you’ll enjoy the cutting-edge features and user-friendly dashboard of SearchAtlas. In addition to keyword research, use the dashboard for competitor analysis, backlinks, or keyword tracking in our Google Search Console tool.

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