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A great way to diversify your income is to promote the most disruptive software in the agency space. You know the industry, why not capitalize on your expertise and knowledge? Becoming a Search Atlas Affiliate rewards you for introducing marketers to the top agency software on the market.
"By switching to Search Atlas, I was able to cancel over $3,800 worth of monthly SEO tools that I've been using in my SEO agency for years. Search Atlas allowed me to save that money and increased my SEO improvement performance by 15 to 20% per month."
Jake Tlapek
Founder of Wizard Marketing

Search Atlas pays up to 30% monthly recurring commission

Search Atlas Affiliates support the fastest growing all-in-one software in the digital marketing space.

The Search Atlas software has already helped over 200,000 small businesses find success and scale to the next level.

Join the Search Atlas Program and disrupt the market while helping agencies and small businesses create genuine connections.

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Award-Winning SEO Tools. One Powerful Platform

What is so special about the Search Atlas software?

  • Designed for agencies so you can maximize your efficiency, internal workflows, and execute better performing organic marketing campaigns for clients
  • A complete software suite that gives you every marketing and SEO tool you need in the same dashboard, from backlink analysis, site auditing, content creation, and more.
  • Powerful AI content tools that empower your team to produce hundreds of pieces of SEO content in the course of a day
  • Comprehensive competitor research with every data point you need to understand the competition and beat them in organic search results

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Over 2,000 agencies trust Search Atlas

Lisa Parziale

Founder at AgencyRemix


Search Atlas reviews

“I used to pay for lots of different software for my SEO business and customer reporting. Search Atlas made this much easier and more affordable for me.“

Clayton Joyner

Founder At Modern io Digital


Search Atlas reviews

”Search Atlas Boosted Our Organic Lead Traffic by 110% in just 90 Days! It saves us money, time, and performance.“

Josh Blakeley

Founder & CEO JBL Digital Marketing


Search Atlas reviews

"Search Atlas just blows other tools out of the water. Tools like Ahrefs and Jasper have gone up in price quite a bit and just haven’t kept up. Search Atlas replaces both of them. "

Shannon Donovan

Founder @Small Biz Drs. LLC


Search Atlas reviews

“We were using many different tools to accomplish what we can do in Search Atlas.“

Mike Anderson

Owner @Aim High Digital


Search Atlas reviews

“Search Atlas transformed my agency workflow, allowed rapid creation of hundreds of articles!“

Jake Tlapek

Founder @Wizard Marketing


Search Atlas reviews

“This tool is going to help you make actionable, realizable changes to your SEO and get the traffic you deserve.“

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Search Atlas Affiliate Program

Search Atlas is the best way for marketing agencies to not only grow their own businesses but to also help their fellow agency owners level up. Join today, Search Atlas pays up to 30% monthly recurring commissions for the life of any active account you sign up.