Content Optimization so you can rank better, faster.

Using machine learning, we analyzed Search Engine algorithims to create a powerful tool for teams. Simply plug in your keyword and content and the Search Atlas Content Optimizer will give you a score of 0-100 with instant suggestions on how to improve. Higher score = Higher rankings.
Better content, better rankings
Our tool provides you with the metrics you need including: Keyword frequency calculation, Input URL analysis, Title tag analysis, Meta description analysis, Heading analysis, Internal link analysis, Content length calculation Try it free
The content tool to rule them all
Easy to use with metrics you need and nothing you don't. You write engaging content. Your potential customers should see it. Our Content Optimizer is totally free and it will change the way your team looks at content writing. Try it free
"We love the Backlink Analyzer tool from SearchAtlas because of how easy it is to use and how quickly it gives us such an in-depth look at our backlink profile. We've found the competitor research aspect of it to be super helpful."
Tom Higgins, PageRanker