Create a Content Plan in Minutes with the Search Atlas Content Planner

What is a Content Planner?

A content planner is an SEO tool that helps you plan and organize your content strategy. A content planner provides a list of relevant keywords and topics that you can create content for SEO purposes. The Search Atlas content planner automates keyword clustering and makes SEO content planning simple.

What is a Content Planner?
What is a Content Planner?

Why Do I Need a Content Plan?

Content plans help digital marketers and content marketers connect with their target audiences in search engines. By creating content on various topics related to your products and services, you have more opportunities to rank in search engines and connect with your target audience.

Traditionally, content planning involves extensive keyword research in order to identify the terms and phrases your target audience is using. With the content planner, all of that keyword research can be completed with just 1-click, helping you find relevant content ideas faster.

How to Make a Content Plan in the Tool

Making a content plan using Search Atlas is simple.

What is a Content Planner?

Benefits of a Content Planner Tool

The Search Atlas content planner can help your digital marketing team speed up the process of keyword research and content production. By automating the more time-intensive tasks of content strategy, like keyword clustering and topic ideation, your team can start publishing more high-quality, relevant content and start driving more organic traffic to your website.

The content planning tool allows content marketers to:

Choose the right keywords

No more spreadsheets or manual keyword clustering. Our tool generates hundreds of relevant keyword clusters to build out your content strategy.

Deploy a topic cluster strategy

Want to use content to become an expert in your industry niche? Find all of the relevant topics and subtopics that will help your website become a thought leader.

AI generated blog post ideas

Move from keyword to relevant content faster with our blog ideas generator. Browse through relevant article titles and summaries to find the perfect fit for your content.

Manage your writers and content calendars

The best platform for content managers. Easily assign articles, set due dates, edit drafts, and publish instantly to WordPress with 1-click.

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Search Atlas reviews

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Why Content Managers Love Our Content Strategy Planner

Managing a large team of writers? Simplify your entire workflow with the content suite from Search Atlas. Use the content planner to do keyword research and content planning and the SEO Content Assistant to draft, edit, and optimize your content for SEO.

Content Strategy Planner

With a 1-click WordPress feature, you’ll get your content live on your website faster so you can start driving organic traffic sooner. For agencies, content marketing teams, and other high-volume content creators, no other platform simplifies the content production process like Search Atlas