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If you want to run a site audit and monitor your site health using Search Atlas, sometimes our site crawlers get blocked by CDNs. 

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a group of servers that help deliver website content faster. If your website relies on a CDN to increase the performance of your website, then it’s possible the CDN’s firewall will block our crawler from accessing your site.

Resolving this issue is fairly straightforward and requires whitelisting the Search Atlas site crawler. This post will explain how to do so on Cloudflare, as it is the most popular CDN provider for webmasters.

If you are using another CDN, the process is similar, and can still be done by following the steps outlined below. 

Getting Started

Search Atlas uses one primary IP address to monitor websites:


You will need to whitelist this IP address in order to run successful seo audits via Search Atlas.

How to Whitelist Search Atlas’s IP Address in Cloudflare

Follow these steps to proceed with whitelisting:

  1. Login to your Cloudflare account
  2. Click Firewall icon and then on the Tools tab
  3. List Search Atlas’s crawl IP address under the IP Access Rules
  4. Enter the IP Address:
  5. Choose the action “Whitelist”
  6. Choose the domain that you want our crawler to have access to
  7. Click “Add”

After performing the above steps, Search Atlas will have access to your website for monitoring.

For help and a better understanding of Cloudflare’s IP Access Rules, see Cloudflare’s support documentation.

Need help Whitelisting on Cloudflare?

If you are still unable to successfully run a site audit, please contact our support team between 9am-6pm (PST), M-F, via the chat feature in your dashboard. Or, book a software demo with someone from our team.

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