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SEO strategy simplified. Complete OTTO’s weekly SEO tasks and start multiplying your organic search traffic.
SEO AI Recommendations with OTTO

What is OTTO?

Think of OTTO as an in-house SEO strategist. OTTO recommends tailored tasks to optimize your website, grow your keyword rankings, and improve your technical SEO health. With weekly tasks delivered to your dashboard every two weeks, you can remove the guesswork of SEO strategy. Follow OTTO’s data-driven roadmap to SEO success! 

What is OTTO?

What SEO Tasks Does OTTO’s AI Recommend?

From keywords to target, pages to optimize, and technical SEO fixes, you’ll always have the next steps to keep your SEO strategy moving forward. Check off the tasks and see your rankings climb!

Discover High-Value Keyword Opportunities

Get relevant, high-value keywords delivered to your task list every week. See keywords with the highest ranking potential for your website.

Keyword Opportunities

Add Missing Keywords and Improve Content Scores

Know which pages on your website to optimize with more keywords and topical depth. Improve your content scores and see your rankings climb.

Missing Keywords
content strategy

New Article Ideas for Your Content Strategy

High-Priority Technical SEO Fixes

High-Priority Technical SEO
OTTO Improves Organic Traffic

Internal Link Suggestions in Seconds

OTTO Improves Organic Traffic

Track How OTTO Improves Organic Traffic

All-in-one Organic Growth Marketing Tool

All-in-one Organic Growth Marketing Tool

Maximize your organic marketing efforts with the power of SEO AI. Dominate the SERPs task-by-task, week-by-week. 

All-in-one Organic Growth Marketing Tool

How Does OTTO Work?

Get started with OTTO in a few simple steps.

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How Does OTTO Work?


OTTO is accessible with a SearchAtlas subscription. SearchAtlas offers a free 7-day trial that allows you to try out OTTO and receive an initial set of recommendations for your website. 

But the quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity. Backlinks that come from low-quality, spammy websites can actually harm your link profile rather than improve it. It’s important to have backlinks that are from relevant, high-quality websites that also display strong SEO metrics themselves.

Taking time to Analyzer and review a website’s backlink profile using a backlink tool can help you identify what off-site factors are necessary in improving search rankings.  Reviewing referring domains, anchor texts, link location, and more, are all important backlink factors to think about in the process of search engine optimization.

OTTO uses AI to identify targeted recommendations for your website based on your existing keywords and website content. 

No. OTTO relies on data from Google Search Console to deliver personalized recommendations for your website. You can set up a Google Search Console account for free here.

Yes! Link Google Search Console accounts for the domains that you would like to receive recommendations for. Great for agency teams managing SEO campaigns for multiple clients.

No. OTTO is a standard feature of a SearchAtlas subscription. Learn more about SearchAtlas subscription levels to find the right fit for your business or marketing agency.

The “free” subscription level will not include access to OTTO after your 7-day initial trial. Keep a PRO level subscription in order to maintain full access to OTTO recommendations.